God is Love

We love because He first loved us
1 John | 4:19

Our Vision

This church is our spiritual family. Our desire is to help new generations to commit themselves to God’s family - the church (Ephesians 4:16). The brothers and sisters of the New Generation church would become followers of the Lord – disciples. We are witnesses of the Lord through worshiping God, sharing love, evangelizing, being built, and being sent.

Worship God

Participate in Sunday service and fellowship group gathering where we commit ourselves to God to living a godly life, discipling our fear and obedience to God in offering money.


Befriend with unbelievers and share testimonies, invite them to God’s family to know God, and help them to accept the salvation and the life of the Lord Jesus.

Sharing Love

Love one another out of reverence for Christ, give ourselves for loving the lost, and pray watchfully for the church, ministries, pastors, co-workers, brothers and sisters.

Being built

Thrive to grow in the whole person, accept and obey the teaching of the Bible, commit to serving in church, building up and encouraging one another in becoming disciples.

Being sent

Participate and support the evangelism and missions of this church and the Christian and Missionary Alliance to expand God’s kingdom with actions and prayers.