God is Love

We love because He first loved us
1 John | 4:19

Pastor Yan

John Yan

Pastor Jiyang (John) Yan, originally from Shenyang in China, became a Christian while he was a doctoral student in the United States. After working for a few years, he saw the need to serve the Lord and was compelled to pursue a seminary degree. After working for nearly 20 years, he was called to serve as a full-time pastor of Grace New Generation Alliance Church.

Pastor Yan’s wife, Yonghong (Lucy) Yang, came from Xiamen, China. She also believed in the Lord Jesus when she came to the United States for graduate studies. She joined her husband’s calling to serve full time after more than ten years in the automobile exhaust treatment industry.

Pastor Yan and his wife have two children. Their daughter and her husband are working in Toronto and serving at a campus church near the University of Toronto. Their son is working in Ann Arbor after graduating from the graduate school.

Pastor Liang

Shibo Liang

Hello everyone, peace be to you from Shibo here with my family!

I came to Michigan as an international student where I recently completed my studies at Moody Theological Seminary in 2020. Upon graduating, I was recognized by the Alliance Church to be a pastor. My journey began with studying and pursuing dreams, then I accepted the salvation of the Lord Jesus at the Wayne State University campus. As I have been serving and growing in this campus church, I gradually committed myself to the path of pastoral ministry. I know that the Lord Jesus had brought me out of sin and doubts, and I deeply trust that my family and our future will have always been under His guidance.

Our church, Grace New Generation Alliance Church, started at Wayne State University campus ministry, has experienced God’s gracious providence and guidance all the way. We will continue to commit ourselves in serving young people on campus and in the workplace so that the good news of the Savior Jesus Christ can be shared and known. We invite you to join us to know the Lord Jesus, worship Him, serve, and grow into maturity. When the Lord Jesus comes again, may we be a spiritual home ready in holiness and in furthering the gospel.